Yael Di

Yael Di

An INCREDIBLE Hula Hoop, Fire and LED performer.

Nominated to Asia’s Hula Hooper of the Year 2017.

Yael has started her Hula Hoop journey during a trip to South America.
On the trip, she met a wonderful girl from Australia who has opened up a whole new world for her.
Which later has become the greatest love of her life.
Yael’s love to the Hula Hoop was instant, even though she has never been into dancing prior.
The Hoop has turned from a “simple” circle of plastic – to a tool for self-expression, motion, development and fulfillment.
From a hobby it turned into her passion and profession and means of spreading the love for the Hoop in Israel and the whole world.
Yael is teaching hoop dance at studio “Kenig’s” in Tel Aviv on Sundays and Tuesdays in addition to her hoop dance workshops around the country.

Yael was born and created for art, everything she touches receives a unique feel which is hers and hers only

Full of magic and spreading light and love wherever she goes, Yaeli has a massive and addictive influence.

We invite you to follow after the magic and get addicted:
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