Our Story

Hi 🙂

We are Mazi and Aviad, a married loving couple 🙂

we established “Hula Hoop Mazi” on 2004 in order to spread the hoop happiness 🙂

Since then, we develop and make our hoops by hand with a lot of LOVE, traveling with our shop to events and magical festivals and spreading light and love to all.
Our shop has: hula hoops for all levels and types, LED hoops and a variety of juggling  toys.

According to our belief, the juggling world is a gift!
A world of light and love, a world that spread smiles and happiness to children and adults as well, a world that holds a meditative peace and a balanced soul.

Whether it’s a hoop or any other juggling toy, it takes time to practice, dedicate time and loving time.
The journey in which you learn the move is fascinating, if it is developing coordination and eye-hand coordination, if it is a therapy that clears the daily thoughts  or just letting yourself have fun like kids, get exited from experience a success and enjoy creation 🙂

From the moment we opened our shop until today, we got to know a lot of magical peoples that are full of light and love, people that gave us the drive to keep working, making, and developed in this magical world.
We wanted to stop a moment and thank you, each one off you for choosing to join our family.
We want to thank you for your warm words, your encouragement, your love and for the happy moments that you gave us back.

We L-O-V-E you and THANK YOU 🙂

Hula Hoop Mazi