February 2017

Tal Fransky

An active Hula Hoop dancer for 3 years. Studied ballet and modern dancing for 8 years. Teacher at “Naim” studio in Florentine, Tel-Aviv, And will teach at the international hula hoop conference in Austria this year – The Alpine Hoop Retreat. Nominated to Asia’s Hula Hooper of the Year 2017. Her journey with the hoop started in India through a British teacher named Natasha. Natasha has taught her the basics and from there she continued learning and progressing on her own. From then and to this day [...]

Yael Di

An INCREDIBLE Hula Hoop, Fire and LED performer. Nominated to Asia’s Hula Hooper of the Year 2017. Yael has started her Hula Hoop journey during a trip to South America. On the trip, she met a wonderful girl from Australia who has opened up a whole new world for her. Which later has become the greatest love of her life. Yael’s love to the Hula Hoop was instant, even though she has never been into dancing prior. The Hoop has turned from a “simple” circle [...]