How To Choose Your Hoop :)

How To Choose Your Hoop :)

What Hoop do I Need ?

Beginners Hoop:

This hoop can be coiled down to half of it’s size.

After you learn the basics moves you can advance to a little lighter and smaller hoop, 85cm\33.5″ in diameter and weight 350g..

It’s weight let you combine out and on body tricks such as “isolation” and illusions tricks, waists, shoulders, legs and it works on the core muscles.

It can be good for beginners who wants to challenge themselves as well.

Polypro Hoop:

For advanced hoopers.

Collapsible hoop with light weight (about 220g) that gives you more control and flow with the hoop.

Great for illusions, off body, rolls, transitions, brakes, shoulders and flow.

The hoop that will take you to the next level.

It comes in different tube diameters:

3\4″ (20mm) is the standard, 5\8″ (16mm) is the thinner  size that is great for mini’s and doubles hoops, it moves  a little faster than the 3\4″ hoop.

If it is your first Polypro, we recommend a 3\4″ tube 83cm (32.5″).

Travel Hoop:

 If you are traveling, goes to festivals or just want to have your hoop with you all the time it is the perfect hoop for you. 

A 4 pieces hoop packed in a lovely laether like bag with an adjustble starp and Polypro connectors with a metal push button.

It is 85cm (33.5″) in diameter and weight about 350g.

it is considered for mid-level hoopers but if you are a beginner you can over come the 100g difference from the beginners hoop with a little extra training.

LED Hoop:

We make magical LED hoops in the highest quality that will upgrade your hooping experience.

We use Polypro tubes for the hoop and the connectors.

currently, we have LED hoops in 3\4″ Polypro tube. The 5\8″ LED hoops will be available soon.

Choose the diameter for your LED hoop and we will make it for you.

As for now, we have 2 models:

“StaticOr”: a static light LED’s, comes in a variety of  colors.

Works 4 hours and more on one battery charge. Weight about 230g (83cm hoop).

“Art”: a smart LED hoop.

Comes with amazing 300 effects and a remote controller for controlling the hoop.

You can set the brightness, speed and which effect to show.

You can set the hoop on Auto mode  and enjoy all the amazing effects one by one.

The battery life is about 20 min to 3 hours depending on the brightness and the kind of effect that it shows.

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