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Looking to pamper your loved ones with a special gift? 🙂
There is nothing like buying a gift that is precise, an exact gift, one that simply makes you happy
And we’re here for that 🙂

Treat your loved ones and friends with a gift card with which they can receive a pampering gift that fits exactly to their tastes and needs.
Because every hooper knows best what is right and good for her\him 🙂
And every Juggler would be happy to choose his\her set carefully 🙂
All you have to do is fill out the gift card details and they can use the gift card to purchase anything they want from our site.

So what happens if you buy a product whose cost is lower than the voucher value?

The difference is saved in the gift card and will be used for future purchases.

Choose an amount, fill in the e-mail address of the voucher’s recipients and your name, write them a greeting and they will receive the gift card directly to them by e-mail.

How to use a gift card?

Order normally and enter the gift card code in the shopping cart, just like using a coupon.

How does the coupon code look like?

The gift card code is composed of a sequence of numbers and letters in this format: **** **** **** **** (instead of ‘*’ letters and numbers will appear) and it will appear in the email that your loved ones will receive.

Make people Happy! 🙂