Tal Fransky

Tal Fransky

An active Hula Hoop dancer for 3 years.

Studied ballet and modern dancing for 8 years.

Teacher at “Naim” studio in Florentine, Tel-Aviv,
And will teach at the international hula hoop conference in Austria this year – The Alpine Hoop Retreat.
Nominated to Asia’s Hula Hooper of the Year 2017.
Her journey with the hoop started in India through a British teacher named Natasha.
Natasha has taught her the basics and from there she continued learning and progressing on her own.
From then and to this day Tal sees dancing with the hoop as a way of life which allows her to fully express herself.
Tal believes that flowing with the circle of plastic and finding the connection between the body and the space around is a great practice of self-balance and really a form of meditation.

Tal is one of the leading, most respected teachers of the hoop dance community in Israel and the rest of the world. We are addicted to the motion and magic she brings to our Hula Hoop world. Much love and appreciation!
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